Eutetic Plates

Eutectic Plate


Developed for the transport of ice creams and super-frozen products.
Cooling capacity up to
-30 ºC *

*See table below.

Quality Guaranteed

Information about this

Cooling capacity and freezing point of -40 ºC and body ambient temperature of up to -30 ºC;

Digital controller installed on the control panel;

Contains 2 analog thermometers installed on the side, one indicating the internal temperature of the body and the other measuring the freezing temperature of the plate;

HFC R404A refrigerant (recommended for frozen products);

Tested and inspected before shipping, ensuring quality throughout its lifespan.

Structure in carbon steel, powder painted (polyester) and all the screws in stainless steel;

Control panel with high and low pressure switch;

Contains 1 digital thermometer, installed directly on the eutectic plate;

Operation in electric network, with automatic voltage selector 220/380V.

Semi-hermetic Compressor

Mounted with a semi-hermetic compressor coupled to the equipment itself, with lower noise level and consumption, more economical than a standard electric motor.

Semi-hermetic compressor protection against overload.

Eutectic Plates

Stainless steel plates to provide greater durability, resistance, and quality of the equipment.

Technical Specifications

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